We have puppies (Litter C)

8 puppies were born in 3 of june (4 girls and 4 boys) out of a beautiful couple of Gona and Vania. We are accepting Pre-booking of puppies. Pedigree

Our Dogs

Tai Pamaiva Beer Pong

VIPAS Date of birth 10.07.2020 Father: Vasuru Taffis Vermont Sky. Mother: Mano Šansonetė Up’n Under Little Wonder. Co owner Inga Juozapavičienė.


We have puppies

6 puppies were born in 10 of july (3 girls and 3 boys) out of a beautiful couple of Nika and Sky. We are accepting Pre-booking of puppies. Pedigree  

Our Dogs

Tai Pamaiva And The Band Played On

TANGO Date of birth 23.09.2018 Father: Sun Always Shines At Stabmeldys. Mother: Mano Šansonetė Orange Orchidea. High 52,5 cm. Co owner Inga Juozapavičienė. Lure Coursing licence No. 201909/07W1 Titles: LT JCH LV JCH EST JCH BALT JCH Health: DNA

Dog Shows

Latvian Sighthound specialty show

 2018 july 14 in Latvian Sighthound specialty show “Club Winner 2018” under judge Maria Teresa Fassio Durando (Italy) Nika (Mano Šansonetė Up’N Under Little Wonder) got JBOB, BOB, BEST IN SHOW 4!  

Dog Shows

National Dog Shows in Ukmergė

In the end of 2018 july Nika in National Dog Show Ukmergės vasara under judge Tatjana Romanovskaya (Belarus) and in National Dog Show Kurėnų taurė under judge Andrzej Szutkiewicz (Poland) got excellent 1/3, LT CAC and BOS! And she’s only 15 months.


Families fest

 2018 August 18 In the families fest “We are Together” in Širvintos, Gona and Nika were at the center of attention. The younger girl turned in to the bustle of the crowd, and the elder one had royal rest on brightly colored sackcloths. The event’s minor participants and their parents Skaityti daugiau…


Litter A

8 males were born in September 23, 2018. Pedigree:   ACROSS THE MYSTIC SHORE Male. Lives in Lithuania.     ARMED WITH CHARM Male. Lives in Lithuania.     ALMOST CHRISTMAS Male. Lives in Lithuania.     AND THE BAND PLAYED ON Male. Lives in Lithuania.   ALL THE Skaityti daugiau…