There are dogs and there are whippets. For some they may look ugly, while others just can stop admiring them. Usually the former group have never met a whippet up close. Believe me, anyone who spends some time with them just falls in love with them. And that’s exactly what has happened to me.

I love dogs as long as I can remember, while love for whippets emerged just half a decade ago, but I’m convinced that these dogs will accompany me for the rest of my life. They are great companions and even though they are quite undemanding, majority of them are spoilt sprinters with charismatic temper, deep gaze and a big open heart.

Whippets were the ones who brought me to the cynology world. Firstly to the show rings, then to Lure Coursing and now led me to the next step – Tai Pamaiva (in English it means What a show-off) kennel.

My goal – healthy and well-tempered whippets for dog shows, sports and, most importantly, family joy. To achieve this goal I’m constantly learning, attending various seminars, participating in dog shows, communicating and exchanging experiences with other breeders. In particular, I‘m grateful to Rima Trepėnaitienė for her help and trust, because the first bitch in my kennel – Orange Orchidea (Gona) – was brought from Rima‘s kennel Mano Šansonetė.

Tai Pamaiva kennel for my family is not an income source, it‘s just a way of life. We are living in a private house with a big backyard, have four dogs and spend almost all free time with them. Our world turns around them and theirs – around us. We devote lots of time, care, love and (of course) money to our pets and their offspring. We do all of this because we want that the future owners of our show-offs would have the best possible companions. In other words – we are investing into the happy future of our puppies and their owners.